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easyCover camera case for Canon 90D

easyCover camera case for Canon 90D

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easyCover camera case for Canon 90D
Available in black, red and camouflage

The easyCover camera case protects your camera while it is fully functional. It protects against bumps, scratches, sand and dust. Whether hiking, fishing or just enjoying a calm afternoon outdoors, your camera is secure.


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  • Eugene February 16, 2018. 02:16 PM.

    I rarely write reviews, but somehow I had the time and inclination to write one, partly because I really liked the case! This protective cover fully fulfills its purpose. It fits perfectly for my EOS 90D! In many reviews I have read that such a cover looks "cheap" on a high-quality DLSR, but when you consider that things can happen quickly on vacation, the money is well invested. The camera feels nice and easy to grip and what is important: all buttons work under the silicone! There are also no problems with my BG-E14 battery grip. Clear purchase decision from me, because the accuracy of fit is really great.

  • Wayne August 30, 2020. 04:52 PM.

    5/5 stars. I like that it is red. I think it will give good protection from general wear and tear. Check the full review here.

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